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Chapel Foundry, Dalton Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 4JU, UK


Process - Casting - Iron

Specialists in all grades of Iron to British Standards:
• BS EN 1561 (1997) or ISO 185 (2005) All grades of Cast Iron
• BS EN 1563 (1997) or ISO 1083 (2004) All grades of S.G Iron
• BS 3468 (1986) or BS EN 138354:2012 All grades of Austenitic Iron (Nickel/Iron Alloys)
• BS 4844 (1986) or BS EN 12513:2011 All grades of Abrasion Resistant Irons (Chrome/Iron Alloys)

Melt capacity 3000kg per day and size of castings maximum casting weight of 300kg.

On site material testing lab with spectrographic analysis. A dedicated despatch and inspection area.
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